The Automated Data Engineer

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Using data directly from
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A conversational interface to get clean, usable data from your data swamp.

About Linea

Our origins stem from UC Berkeley's RISELab, where the founders of Databricks came from. Our team has a wealth of industry experience in MLOps from leading AI organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, Scale AI, Domino Data Lab, Microsoft, and NASA. We're proud to have the support of renowned advisors and investors, including the co-founders of Databricks and Kaggle, as well as the former US Chief Data Scientist.

We've been fortunate to receive a significant amount of seed stage funding from top-tier venture funds:

Build Something Awesome

Are you driven by the desire to make a lasting impact in the world of data and AI? Linea is where your passion meets purpose. Here, we embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation.
If you're excited to face challenging problems, collaborate with a dynamic team, and shape the future of data infrastructure, we can't wait to meet you.

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