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Fix broken pipelines in minutes, not days.

What Linea can do for you

Faster Remediation

Linea is solely built to accelerate the process of root causing, fixing and validating production errors.

Safer Debugging

Linea lets you debug safely without worrying about causing more catastrophic errors in the process.

More resilient pipelines

Linea helps detect and catch potential errors before they are introduced in production.

Key Capabilities

Data & Pipeline Observability

While lineage is essential for debugging data pipelines, current solutions are labor-intensive, often deterring lineage capture.

Linea automatically analyzes your pipelines, creating a lineage graph comprising pipelines, tasks, and data sources. With this, you can swiftly trace data errors to their source and pinpoint the problematic pipelines.

Local Debugging

Reproducing a production pipeline error can take hours by manually replicating your production code, data, and environment locally. In the worst case, testing in production can create more catastrophic errors.

With Linea, in a single click, you can launch a development environment that replicates production pipeline errors locally for rapid and safeguarded debugging.

Auto-Unit Test Generation

Unit tests can effectively catch regressions. However, their tedious creation often leads to neglect, resulting in preventable errors.

Linea automatically analyzes your pipeline code, data flows, and modifications, generating unit tests that boost code coverage, thereby enhancing the reliability and resilience of your pipelines.

Linea works with your existing data stack

Linea integrates with your current data tools to make debugging broken pipelines easy, safe, and fast with minimal integration.

Airflow Native

Integrates directly with Airflow to ingest, and analyze your existing data pipelines


Dupports debugging in any IDE of your choice including Jupyter, VSCode & Databricks.

Diverse Data Sources

Tracks data to pipeline lineage for the most popular data stores including S3, SQL, and CSV files.

About Linea

Our origins stem from UC Berkeley's RISELab, where the founders of Databricks came from. Our team has a wealth of industry experience in MLOps from leading AI organizations such as LinkedIn, Google, Scale AI, Domino Data Lab, Microsoft, and NASA. We're proud to have the support of renowned advisors and investors, including the co-founders of Databricks and Kaggle, as well as the former US Chief Data Scientist.

We've been fortunate to receive a significant amount of seed stage funding from top-tier venture funds:

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If you're excited to face challenging problems, collaborate with a dynamic team, and shape the future of data infrastructure, we can't wait to meet you.

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